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The philosophy of Hans-Georg Gadamer
Gadamer, Hans-Georg, 1900-2002.
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Chicago, Ill. : Open Court, [1997]

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xviii, 619 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Reflections on my philosophical journey / Hans-Georg Gadamer -- Regulative ideas or truth-happening? : An attempt to answer the question of the conditions of the possibility of valid understanding / Karl-Otto Apel -- Gadamer and realism : reaching an understanding / Roderick M. Chisholm -- Post-Cartesian interpretation : Hans-Georg Gadamer and Donald Davidson / David C. Hoy -- Gadamer on the beautiful / Joan Stambaugh -- Gadamer and Vico on sensus communis and the tradition of humane knowledge / Donald Phillip Verene -- Gadamer on humanism / Jean Grondin -- Philosophy, its history, and hermeneutics / George R. Lucas, Jr. -- Towards a new theory of the historical sciences : the relevance of Truth and method / Herta Nagl-Docekal -- Horizontverschmelzung / Stanley Rosen -- Gadamer's theory of hermeneutics / Robert Sokolowski -- Gadamer's early and distinctively political hermeneutics / Robert R. Sullivan -- The figure of Socrates in Gadamer's philosophical hermeneutics / Francis J. Ambrosio -- Gadamer's critique of the Enlightenment / David Detmer -- Gadamer's continuous challenge : Heidegger's Plato interpretation / Robert J. Dostal -- Truth in metaphysics and in hermeneutics / Graeme Nicholson -- Eros and understanding : Gadamer's aesthetic ontology of the community / Thomas M. Alexander -- Hermeneutics' claim to universality / G.B. Madison -- Historicistic finitude and philosophical hermeneutics / Carl Page -- The voice of the other in Gadamer's hermeneutics / James Risser -- Hermeneia : an anatomy of history and Ab-wesenheit / D. Wyatt Aiken -- Gadamer and Plato's Philebus / Donald Davidson -- Gadamer on Heidegger on art / Diane P. Michelfelder -- The source of the subjective / Bjørn T. Ramberg -- Rereading the Timaeus : the memorial power of discourse / John Sallis -- Putting oneself in words-- / Dennis J. Schmidt -- Gender, Nazism, and hermeneutics / Robin May Schott -- The I-Thou encounter (Begegnung) in Gadamer's reception of Heidegger / P. Christopher Smith -- Ritual, rightness, and truth in two late works of Hans-Georg Gadamer / Richard E. Palmer -- A thought or two on Gadamer's Plato / Thomas Prufer.

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