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Readings on Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Johnson, Tamara.
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San Diego, Calif. : Greenhaven Press, [1998]

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144 pages ; 23 cm.
Dostoyevsky's interest in the criminal mind / Erik Krag -- Dostoyevsky's novels reveal the author's criminal inclinations / Sigmund Freud -- Dostoyevsky wrote human tragedies / Oscar Wilde -- The solitary and the profound in Dostoyevsky's novels / André Gide -- Dostoyevsky's themes are epic and tragic / Vyacheslav Ivanov -- Crime and punishment's continuous flow of time / Philip Rahv -- Guilt in Crime and punishment / Alfred L. Bem -- Tobacco and alcohol in Crime and punishment / Leo Tolstoy -- Four dreams in Crime and punishment / Ruth Mortimer -- Traditional symbolism in Crime and punishment / George Gibian -- The idiot: a success and a failure / Elizabeth Dalton -- An analysis of The idiot's Nastasya Filippovna / Richard Curle -- Sources of inspiration for The idiot's Nastasya Filippovna / Jacques Catteau -- Notes from the underground presents a romanticized view of freedom / Malcolm V. Jones -- Notes from the underground presents an argument against radicalism / Louis Breger -- The brothers Karamozov: a different kind of morality tale / Peter Conradi -- Truth and imagination in The brothers Karamazov / Victor Terras -- Father Karamazov as buffoon / Jan van der Eng.
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