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Calculators in mathematics education
Fey, James T. (James Taylor)
Publication Information:
Reston, Va. : National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, [1992]

Physical Description:
viii, 248 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
The potential for calculators to transform elementary school mathematics / Grayson H. Wheatley, Richard Shumway -- Calculators in the middle grades : access to rich mathematics / Nicholas A. Branca, Becky Ann Breedlove, Byron King -- The graphing calculator : a tool for change / Gail Burrill -- Research on calculators in mathematics education / Ray Hembree, Donald J. Dessart -- CAN : calculator use in the primary grades in England and Wales / Hilary Shuard -- A constructivist approach to developing early calculating abilities / Ian Sugarman -- Decimals and calculators make sense! / DeAnn Huinker -- Concept development and problem solving using graphing calculators in the middle school / Charles Vonder Embse -- Calculators in the UCSMP curriculum for grades 7 and 8 / Daniel B. Hirschhorn, Sharon Senk -- Personal technology and classroom change : a British perspective / Kenneth Ruthven --

Teaching the line of best fit with a graphing calculator / Rheta N. Rubenstein -- Matrices + modeling + technology = increased mathematical power for students / Nancy Crisler, Gary Froelich -- Using graphing calculators to investigate a population growth model / Rosalie Dance ... [et al.] -- Graphical insight into elementary functions / Judith H. Hector -- The power of parametric representations / Gregory D. Foley -- Super calculators : implications for calculus curriculum, instruction, and assessment / Thomas Dick -- The use of calculators in assessment of mathematics achievement / Martha H. Hopkins -- Calculators in state testing : a case study / Steven J. Leinwand -- The effects of calculators on state objectives and tests / Joseph N. Payne -- The use of calculators on College Board standardized tests / Carole Greenes, Gretchen Rigol -- Calculators add up to math magic in the classroom / Karen W. Finley --

Implementing calculators in a middle school mathematics program / Gary G. Bitter, Mary M. Hatfield -- Implementing calculators in a district mathematics program : three vignettes / Doug Super -- Statewide in-service programs on calculators in mathematics teaching / George W. Bright, Patricia Lamphere, Virginia E. Usnick -- Introducing calculators in Swedish schools / Hans Brolin, Lars-Eric Bjork -- Five steps to zero.
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