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The Freudian paradigm : psychoanalysis and scientific thought
Mujeeb-ur-Rahman, Md. (Mohammed)
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Chicago : Nelson-Hall, 1976.
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xxiii, 401 pages ; 24 cm
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Includes index.
Freud and the structure of scientific revolutions: Mujeeb-ur-Rahman, Md. The Freudian paradigm. Ramzy, I. From Aristotle to Freud. Walker, N. D. A new Copernicus? Shakow, D. and Rapaport, D. Darwin and Freud. Kazin, A. The Freudian revolution analyzed.--Freud and the modern philosophy of science: Kaplan, A. Freud and modern philosophy. Frank, P. Psychoanalysis and logical positivism. Frenkel-Brunswik, E. Meaning of psychoanalytic concepts and confirmation of psychoanalytic theories. Horwitz, L. Theory construction and validation in psychoanalysis. Waelder, R. The validation of psychoanalytic interpretations and theories. Hartmann, H. Comments on the scientific aspects of psychoanalysis. Salmon, W. C. Psychoanalytic theory and evidence. Kennedy, G. Psychoanalysis.--Freud and the science of psychology: Brown, J. A. C. The position of psychoanalysis in the science of psychology. Hilgard, E. R. The scientific status of psychoanalysis. Kubie, L. S. Pavlov, Freud, and Soviet psychiatry. McClelland, D. C. Freud and Hull. Shakow, D. Psychoanalysis and American psychology. Klein, G. S. Orientations from psychoanalysis. Hartmann, H. Psychoanalysis as a scientific theory. Arlow, J. A. Psychoanalysis as scientific method. Murphy, G. Psychoanalysis as a unified science.
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