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Documents illustrative of American history, 1606-1863
Preston, Howard W. (Howard Willis), 1859- , editor.
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New York : Putnam, 1886.
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320 pages ; 23 cm
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Emancipation Proclamation. 1863.--References. Index of documents.
First Virginia charter. 1606.--Second Virginia charter. 1609.--Third Virginia charter. 1612.--Mayflower compact. 1620.--Ordinance for Virginia. 1621.--Massachusetts charter. 1629.--Maryland charter. 1632.--Fundamental orders of Connecticut. 1639.--New England confederation. 1643.--Connecticut charter. 1662.--Rhode Island charter. 1663.--Pennsylvania charter. 1681.--Penn's plan of union. 1697.--Georgia charter. 1732.--Franklin's plan of union. 1754.--Declaration of rights. 1765.--Declaration of rights. 1774.--Non-importation agreement. 1774.--Virginia bill of rights. 1776.--Declaration of Independence. 1776.--Articles of Confederation. 1777.--Treaty of peace. 1783.--Northwest ordinance. 1787.--Constitution. 1787.--Alien and sedition laws. 1798.--Virginia resolutions. 1798.--Kentucky resolutions. 1798.--Kentucky resolutions. 1799--Nullification ordinance. 1832.--Ordinance of secession. 1860.--South Carolina declaration of independence. 1860.--
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