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Pressure groups in Britain: a reader.
Kimber, Richard, compiler.
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London : Dent; Totowa, N.J. : Rowman and Littlefield [1974]
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vi, 304 pages ; 24 cm
Lieber, R. J. Interest groups and political integration: British entry into Europe--Self, P. and Storing, H. The farmers and the state.--Harrison, M. Trade unions and the Labour Party.--Roy, W. Membership participation in the National Union of Teachers.--Kimber. R. and Richardson, J. J. Some aspects of the T.U.C. and C.B.I. as pressure groups.--Steck, H. J. The re-emergence of ideological politics in Great Britain: the campaign for nuclear disarmament.--Christoph, J. B. Capital punishment and British politics: the role of pressure groups.--Hindell, K. and Simms, M. How the abortion lobby worked.--Kimber, R., Richardson, J. J., and Brookes, S. K. The national parks campaign.--Tivey, L. The politics of the consumer.--Dearlove, J. Councillors and interest groups in Kensington and Chelsea.--Bryant, R. Community action.--Finer, S. E. Groups and political participation.--McKenzie, R. T. Parties, pressure groups, and the British political process.--Stewart, J. D. British pressure groups: conclusions--Bibliography (p. 297-304)
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