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On going to college; a symposium.
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New York : Oxford University Press, 1938.
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298 pages ; 23 cm
The ancient classics and the new humanism, by E. K. Rand.-- Literature; especially English literature, by J. B. Munn.--Modern foreign languages, by H. C. Lancaster.--History, by Wallace Notestein.--The social sciences, by R. M. MacIver.--The natural sciences, by A. H. Compton.--Psychology, by J.F. Dashiell.--Philosophy, by Irwin Edman.--Religion, by C. F. Wishart.--Public speaking and the dramatic arts, by H. A. Wichelns.--The fine arts, by Clarence Ward.--Music, by R. D. Welch.--The library, by C. B. Tinker.
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