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Sermons from life
Macartney, Clarence Edward Noble, 1879-1957.
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Nashville : Cokesbury press [1933]

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292 pages ; 19 l/2 cm
I believe everyone has the right to be happy -- I can't let her go -- If I had only known then what I know now -- I want to see life -- Is Jesus Christ real? -- Every man has his own ladder down to hell -- Beating against the bars -- If I had, I would not be here today -- There is something missing -- It was a great disappointment -- I beg to remain in sorrow his mother -- You who are above temptation -- The tenth hour struck for me this evening -- It takes tribulation to make a man -- The unpardonable sin -- Do you ever pray about it -- Alone -- I believe I am going to hell -- I thank God even amid my tears -- If I had my life to live over again -- Religion and trouble -- Since his mother died -- Can Christ do anything for my sin?
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