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Educational vouchers; concepts and controversies
LaNoue, George R., compiler.
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New York : Teachers College Press, [1972]
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viii, 176 pages ; 23 cm
The unregulated voucher: On liberty, by J. S. Mill. The role of government in education, by M. Friedman. Freedom of choice in education, by V. C. Blum. Poindexter v. Louisiana Financial Assistance Commission, by U.S. District Court.--The regulated voucher: Education vouchers: a proposal for diversity and choice, by J. Areen and C. Jencks. Reslicing the school pie, by J. E. Coons, S. D. Sugarman, and W. H. Clune, III.--Vouchers: pro and con: The peaceful uses of education vouchers, by S. Arons. The economics of the voucher system, by E. Ginzberg. Vouchers and the citizen, by W. McCann and J. Areen. Vouchers: the end of public education? By G. R. La Noue.--Congressional response: U.S. Senate, by Subcommittee on Employment, Manpower and Poverty of the Committee on Labor and Public Welfare. U.S. House of Representatives, by Committee on Education and Labor.
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