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Education for rural America
Conference on education in rural communities (1944 : University of Chicago)
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Chicago, Ill. : University of Chicago press [1945]
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213 pages ; 21 cm
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Papers prepared for the Conference on education in rural communities held at the University of Chicago, 1944.
Emerging problems in rural education, by F. W. Reeves. Economic and social factors in planning an educational program in rural communities, by Newton Edwards. Farm income, migration, and leisure, by T. W. Schultz. Education for the use of resources, by G. F. Gant. The contribution of the land-grant college to rural education, by L. C. Emmons. The school and the improvement of education in rural communities, by V. E. Herrick. What rural schools can learn from the training programs of the armed forces, by R. W. Tyler. The organization and financing of rural schools, by H. A. Dawson. Library service to rural communities, by Leon Carnovsky. Economic co-operation and adult education, by E. R. Bowen. Philosophy and activities of the Michigan state farm bureau in adult education, by E. A. Smaltz. Training rural youth for leadership, by B. F. Hennink. The educational program of the Farmers union, by Mrs. Jerome Evanson.
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