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The Autolycus of the bookstalls
Jerrold, Walter, 1865-1929.
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London : J.M. Dent, 1902.
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xii, 193 pages ; 18 cm
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Title vignette; head and tail pieces.
An Autolycus of the bookstalls.--Some kerbstone libraries.--Of end pages.--Of autograph copies.--Some "pirate" treasures.--A fountain of lies Cromwellian [Flagellum: or The life and death, birth and burial of O. Cromwell. London, 1672] Death-bed repentance [Some passages of the life and death of ... John, earl of Rochester ... by Gilbert Burnet. London 1680]--A political "last will" [The political will and testament of ... Cardinal Duke de Richelieu. London, 1695]--The moralist at the breakfast table [Note on the eighteenth century English essayists]--In re Rasselas and another [Candide]--Della Crusca and co. (limited)--How doth the--[A note on "Divine and moral songs for children, " first pub. 1715, containing the familiar "How doth the little busy bee, " etc.]--A penn'orth of Cobbett.--"S.T.C." on criticism.--A last "find" in booksellers' row [The plea of the midsummer fairies ... by Thomas Hood. London, 1827]--A big book [Southey's British poets]--The most bookful of laureates [Southey's The doctor]--"W.M.T." as balladmonger.--The laureate's "three-decker" [Alfred Austin's An artist's proof]--"The twilight of the gods."--Après moi"--[On the disperal of book collections]
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