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The school in the community.
Sarri, Rosemary C., compiler.
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Washington : National Association of Social Workers [1972]
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304 pages ; 24 cm
Negrin, S. Foreword.--Sarri, R. C. Preface.--Sarri, R. C. Education in transition.--Costin, L. B. Social work contribution to education in transition.--Kahn, A. J. The schools: social change and social welfare.--Marburger, C. Social work contributions and present educational needs.--Alderson, J. J. Models of school social work practice.--Wittes, S. Conflict resolution in the secondary school.--Stuart, R. B. Behavior modification techniques for the education technologist.--Pawlak, E. J. Labeling theory and school social work.--Nieberl, H. R. Breaking out of the bind in school social work practice.--Stretch, J. J. and Crunk, P. E. School suspension: help or hindrance?--Wassenich, L. P. Systems analysis applied to school social work.--Willis, J. W. and Willis, J. S. Mental health worker as a systems behavioral engineer.--Lickson, J. Community organization in school social work.--Bielecki, J. M. Comprehensive social work in the secondary school.--Gallant, C. and Macdonald, B. Partners in change.--Maple, F. F. Problem-solving through shared decision-making.
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