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The personality of American cities
Hungerford, Edward, 1875-1948.
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New York : McBride, Nast & Company, 1913.
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2 pages l., ii pages, 1 l., 2 unnumbered pages, 1 l., 344 pages : frontispiece, plates. ; 22 cm
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Reprinted in part from various periodicals.
Our ancient hub.--America's New York.--Across the East River.--William Penn's town.--The monumental city.--The American Mecca.--The city of the seven hills.--Where romance and courtesy do not forget.--Rochester, and her neighbors.--Steel's great capital.--The sixth city.--Chicago, and the Chicagoans.--The twin cities.--The gateway of the Southwest.--The old French lady by the river-bank.--The city of the little squares.--The American Paris.--Two rivals of the north Pacific, and a third.--San Francisco, the newest phœnix.--Belfast in America.--Where French and English meet.--The city that never grows young.
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