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New methods of adjusting international disputes and the future
Barclay, Thomas, Sir, 1853-1941.
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London : Constable, 1917.
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xiv, 206 pages ; 23 cm
International disputes and public opinion.--International differences and their varieties.--Diplomacy, good offices and mediation.--Peace ideals in theory and practice.--Nature, progress and scope of arbitration.--"National honour" and "vital interests."--The existing and proposed Hague courts.--International commissions of inquiry.--Compulsory treaties of reference.--The dread alternative and the future.--Appendices: I. Hague convention for the pacific settlement of international disputes (1907) II. Proposed convention relating to the establishment of a court of arbitral justice (1907) III. Convention relative to the establishment of an international prize court (1907) IV. Anglo-American treaty of January 12, 1897. V. Anglo-French (October 14, 1903) and Anglo-American (December 12, 1904) treaties of arbitration and note thereon. VI. Anglo-American treaty of April 4, 1908. VII. Anglo-American treaty of August 3, 1911. VIII. Franco-Danish treaty of August 9, 1911.--Index.
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