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Peace on earth
Peace on earth
Lie, Trygve, 1896-1968.
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New York : Hermitage House, 1949.
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251 pages ; 22 cm
The Charter, by T. Lie.--The General Assembly, by H. V. Evatt.--The Economic and Social Council, by C. Malik.--Human rights, by E. Roosevelt.--UNESCO, by J. T. Bodet.--World health, by B. Chisholm.--Freedom from want, by J. Boyd-Orr.--The international trusteeship system, by R. Bunche.--Of the people, by the people, for the people, by B. Cohen.--What is UNICEF? By L. Rajchman.--New aspects of peace, by C. P. Romulo.--Appendix I: The Charter of the United Nations.--Appendix II: The statute of the International Court of Justice.--Appendix III: The Declaration of human rights.--Biographical notes.
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