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American diplomacy, its spirit and achievements
American diplomacy, its spirit and achievements
Moore, John Bassett, 1860-1947.
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New York ; London : Harper & Brothers, 1905.
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xi, 1 unnumbered page pages, 1 l. pages, 285 pages, 1 unnumbered pages : 16 portrait (including frontispiece) double map. ; 22 cm
General Note:
"In the present volume there is reproduced, with some revision and amplification, a series of articles that appeared in Harper's magazine; and one chapter--the fourth--has been added."--Prefatory note.
Prefatory note.--The conduct of foreign intercourse.--The beginnings.--The system of neutrality.--Freedom of the seas.--Fisheries questions.--The contest with commercial restrictions.--Non-intervention and the Monroe doctrine.--The doctrine of expatriation.--International arbitration.--The territorial expansion of the United States.--Influence and tendencies.--Bibliography.
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