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The early cultures of north-west Europe (H. M. Chadwick memorial studies)
Fox, Cyril, Sir, 1882-1967.
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Cambridge [Eng.] : University Press, 1950.
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xv, 440 pages : illustrations, portrait, maps, 4 plans (in pocket) ; 26 cm
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CONTENTS CONTINUED.--Notes on the Ogam inscriptions of southern Britain, by K. Jackson.--Cantre'r Gwaelod and Ker-Is, by R. Bromwich.--The Moore memoranda on Northumbrian history, by P. H. Blair.--The interpretation of The seafarer, by D. Whitelock.--Glæd wæs ic gliwum: ungloomy aspects of Anglo-Saxon poetry, by J. I. Young.--Who was the translator of the prose portion of the Paris Psalter? By J. I'a Bromwich.--The post-Bedan miracles and translations of St. Cuthbert, by B. Colgrave.

CONTENTS CONTINUED.--Chipping and market, a lexicographical investigation, by F. E. Harmer.--The beheaded manumission in the Exeter book, by B. Dickins.--Sir Edward Dering, a seventeenth-century antiquary and his 'Saxon' charters, by C. E. Wright.--Þorgerðr Hölgabrúðr and the trolla þing, a note on sources, by N. K. Chadwick.--Old Norse jarðarmen, by G. N. Garmonsway.--Fenland place-names, by O. K. Schram.
The long barrow in western Europe, by G. E. Daniel.--The Cotswold megalithic culture: the grave goods and their background, by E. M. Clifford.--The beaker period in Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire North-of-the-Sands, by C. I. Fell.--Burial ritual and custom in the bronze age, illustrated by recent excavations in South Wales, by Sir C. Fox.--The British Isles and the beginning of the northern early bronze age, by J. M. de Navarro.--Significant objects at Sutton Hoo, by D. E. Martin-Clarke.--Gods and heroes in stone, by H. R. E. Davidson.--The Norse heritage in the Isle of Man, by B. R. S. and E. M. Megaw.--The Celtic settlement of Ireland, by T. G. E. Powell.
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