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The people and the Book; essays on the Old Testament.
Peake, Arthur S. (Arthur Samuel), 1865-1929, editor.
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Oxford : The Clarendon Press, 1925.
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xx, 508 pages ; 20 cm
Israel and the surrounding nations, by H. R. Hall.--The religious environment of Israel, by S. A. Cook.--The modern study of the Hebrew language, by G. R. Driver.--The history of Israel, by A. C. Welch.--The methods of higher criticism, by T. H. Robinson.--The present position of Old Testament criticism, by J. E. McFadyen.--Hebrew religion from Moses to Saul, by W. F. Lofthouse.--The religion of Israel from David to the return from exile, by the editor.--The development of the religion of Israel from the return to the death of Simon the Maccabee, by W. E. Barnes.--Worship and ritual, by W. O. E. Oesterley.--Hebrew psychology, by H. W. Robinson.--The contribution of the Old Testament to the religious development of mankind, by R. H. Kennett.--Jewish interpretation of the Old Testament, by I. Abrahams.--The value and significance of the Old Testament in relation to the New, by G. H. Box.--The horizons of Old Testament study, by G. B. Gray.
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