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An economic survey of ancient Rome.
Frank, Tenney, 1876-1939.
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6 volumes ; 25 cm
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Each volume has also special t.p.
v. 1. Rome and Italy of the Republic, by T. Frank.--v. 2. Roman Egypt to the reign of Diocletian, by A. C. Johnson.--v. 3. Roman Britain, by R. G. Collingwood. Roman Spain, by J. J. Van Nostrand. Roman Sicily, by V. M. Scramuzza. La Gaule Romaine, by A. Grenier.--v. 4. Roman Africa, by R. M. Haywood. Roman Syria, by F. M. Heichelheim. Roman Greece, by J. A. O. Larsen. Roman Asia, by T. R. S. Broughton.--v. 5. Rome and Italy of the Empire, by T. Frank.--v. 6. General index to volumes 1-5.
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