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Auckland classical essays presented to E. M. Blaiklock
Blaiklock, E. M.
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[Auckland] : Auckland University Press; [Wellington] Oxford University Press, 1970.
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x, 221 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Greek votive statuettes and religious continuity, c. 1200-700 B.C., by R. V. Nicholls.--The fall of Themistocles, by G. L. Cawkwell.--[Dikē] in Aristophanes' Clouds, by W. F. Richardson.--[Graphē sykophautias, (romanized form)], by L. W. A. Crawley.--Aristotle and the democratic conception of freedom, by R. G. Mulgan.--Rome and Greece, 196-146 B.C., by A. H. McDonald.--Evidence for legislation by tribunes, 81-70 B.C., by D. H. Kelly.--Ambition in the Georgics; Vergil's rejection of Arcadia, by R. R. Dyer.--'Primum facinus novi principatus'? by J. D. Lewis.--The portrayal of autocratic power in Plutarch's Lives, by B. F. Harris.--The Epistles of Cyprian, by G. W. Clarke.
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