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Northwest Africa: seizing the initiative in the west.
Howe, George F. (George Frederick), 1901-1988.
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Washington : Office of the Chief of Military History, Dept. of the Army, 1957.
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xxiii, 748 pages : illustrations, maps (part color 1 in pocket) ; 26 cm.
The assault on North Africa on 8 November 1942 led to a bitter conflict that finally culminated in the defeat of the Axis forces in Tunisia seven months later. The campaign was, for the U.S. Army, a school in coalition warfare and an introduction to enemy tactics.
Preparations -- The Mediterranean Theater of War, 1940-1942 -- Strategic Planning -- Tactical Plans and Political Preparations -- Completing the Preparations -- The Amphibious Phase on the Atlantic Coast -- The French Decide to Fight -- Taking Safi -- Fedala to Casablanca -- Mehdia to Port-Lyautey -- The End of Hostilities in Morocco -- The Amphibious Operations in the Mediterranean -- The Last Preliminaries -- The First Day's Operations Against Oran -- The Seizure of Oran -- The Occupation of Algiers -- The Axis Reaction and the French Decision -- The End of Operation Torch -- Taking Positions for the Drive on Tunis -- The Attack Toward Tunis -- Stalemate Before Tunis -- Concentration of Forces in Tunisia -- The New Situation: Allied Reaction -- The New Situation: Axis Reaction -- Sparring Along the Eastern Dorsal -- The Enemy Strikes at U.S. II Corps -- The Enemy Drives Back the Allied Southern Flank -- Rommel's Thrust Through Kasserine Pass -- The Enemy is Turned Back -- Shift to Northern Tunisia -- The Allies Prepare for Decisive Action -- The Enemy Strives to Retain the Initiative -- From Mareth to Enfidaville -- Gafsa, Maknassy, and El Guettar (17-25 March) -- II Corps Operations Beyond El Guettar -- Attacks at Fondouk El Aouareb and Pursuit onto the Plain -- Allied Drive to Victory -- Preparations -- The Attack Begins -- The Advance to Mateur -- The End in Tunisia -- Fruits of Victory.
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