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Complete handbook of all-purpose telemarketing scripts
Masser, Barry Z., 1936-
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Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : Prentice-Hall, [1990]

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xx, 314 pages : illustrations ; 29 cm
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Includes index.
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Here are over 200 ready-to-use telemarketing scripts that can increase your effectiveness in every area of selling by phone. Included are openers that immediately grab a prospect's interest and identify specific needs, as well as scores of compelling product descriptions and special inducements you can use to quickly close almost every sale.

Author Notes

Barry Z. Masser is one of America's business-to-business telemarketing pioneers. Since 1965 he has assisted more than 200 firms--from small companies to Fortune 500 corporations--in utilizing the widest range of selling tools. With a strong background in direct mail and field sales, as well as telephone selling, he is uniquely qualified to offer such expert guidance.

Table of Contents

Prefacep. iii
Chapter 1 Proven Openings for "Cold" Telephone Prospectingp. 1
Precalling to Verify a Prospect Listp. 1
Script 1.1a Precall to Verify Basic Prospect Factsp. 2
Script 1.1b Identify the Buyerp. 2
Script 1.1c Getting Basic Qualificationsp. 3
Script 1.1d Check on the Viability of Your Product or Servicep. 3
Script 1.1e Setting Up the First Sales Attemptp. 3
Documenting Prospect Factsp. 4
Form1.1 Precalling Informationp. 4
Convincing Pretexts for Making the Callp. 4
Script 1.2a "I'm Calling Because . . ."p. 5
Script 1.2b "We Have a Match"p. 5
Script 1.2c "_____ Asked Me to Contact You"p. 5
Script 1.2d "You're Making News"p. 6
Script 1.2e "We're Helping Others Like You"p. 6
High-Volume Cold Callingp. 6
Script 1.3 Calling Past Buyersp. 7
Script 1.4a "Zapscript" for Quickly Revealing Sales Opportunitiesp. 8
Script 1.4b Setting Up the Next Contactp. 8
Letter 1.1 "We Understand Your Needs and We'll Be in Touch"p. 9
Successfully Dealing with Screensp. 9
Script 1.5a The "Mini" Presentationp. 9
Script 1.5b Set Up the Payoff Call-Backp. 10
Script 1.5c Using the President's Office to Reach the Buyerp. 10
Script 1.5d Using Testimonials to Break Throughp. 11
Script 1.5e Creating Firm Pressure for a Decisionp. 11
Script 1.5f Expressing Understanding for Screen's Responsibility in Order to Get Supportp. 11
Letter 1.2 Thanking the Screen for Helping Outp. 12
Letter 1.3 The "Initial Here" Method of Speeding Up a Decisionp. 12
Key Statements That Establish Quick Credibilityp. 13
Script 1.6a Clearing Your Prospect's Timep. 13
Script 1.6b Key Statement for a Servicep. 13
Script 1.6c Putting Special Emphasis on the Benefitsp. 14
Script 1.6d Key Statement for a Productp. 14
Script 1.6e Describing the Purpose of Your Callp. 14
Script 1.6f Explaining What Action Is Expected of the Prospectp. 15
Script 1.6g Setting Up the Next Contactp. 15
Script 1.6h Making the Call Look Extremely Importantp. 15
Refining Your Cold-Call Openingsp. 16
Form 1.2 Cold-Call Checklistp. 16
Form 1.3 Cold-Call Dialogue Worksheetp. 18
Chapter 2 Effective Qualifying Dialogue for any Type of Sales Callp. 21
Probing for Applicationsp. 21
Script 2.1a Searching for Needp. 22
Script 2.1b Identifying Specific Usesp. 22
Script 2.1c Deeper Probingp. 23
Uncovering Competitive Factorsp. 24
Script 2.2a Learning the Identity of Other Sourcesp. 24
Script 2.2b Determining the Depth of Competitive Encroachmentp. 24
Script 2.2c Getting Information on the Nature of Rival Bidsp. 25
Pinpointing Probable Time of Purchasep. 26
Script 2.3a Ascertaining Prospect's Schedulep. 26
Script 2.3b Probing to Reveal Length of Buying Processp. 26
Script 2.3c Determining Desired Delivery Datep. 27
Script 2.3d Exploring the Need for a Training Programp. 27
Qualifying for Ability to Buyp. 28
Script 2.4a Affirming Authority of Your Contactp. 28
Script 2.4b Searching for Other Decision Makersp. 28
Script 2.4c Finding the Influential Family Members in Selling to Consumersp. 29
Script 2.4d Assuring Autonomy of a Branch or Subsidiaryp. 30
Script 2.4e Questioning Budget Availabilityp. 30
Script 2.4f Probing Creditworthinessp. 30
Determining Prospect Buying Potentialp. 31
Script 2.5a Probing for Purchase Quantityp. 31
Script 2.5b Revealing Purchase Frequencyp. 32
Script 2.5c Finding Out About Service Expectationsp. 32
Qualifying to Save Lost Businessp. 32
Script 2.6a Digging for the Truth About an Orderp. 33
Script 2.6b Getting an Okay to Track Down the Paperworkp. 33
Script 2.6c Dealing with the Purchasing Agent to Save the Salep. 34
Refining Your Qualifying Approachesp. 34
Form 2.1a Qualifying Checklist for Selling to Other Companiesp. 35
Form 2.1b Qualifying Checklist for Selling to Individual Consumersp. 36
Form 2.2 Qualifying Dialogue Worksheetp. 37
Chapter 3 Clear Descriptions of Products and Servicesp. 42
Effectively Combining Features and Benefitsp. 43
Script 3.1a Example of a Feature/Benefit Statementp. 43
Script 3.1b Supplemental Benefit Statementp. 44
Script 3.1c Isolating Feature/Benefit Sets for Maximum Selling Impactp. 44
Script 3.2 Making Cold, Hard Specs More Interestingp. 45
Letter 3.1 Reinforcing the Telephone Descriptionp. 47
Bringing Service Descriptions to Lifep. 47
Script 3.3a An Overview That Helps to Cut Through Prospect Confusionp. 48
Script 3.3b Putting Emphasis on a Prospect "Hot Button"p. 49
Script 3.3c Pointing Out the Time Savingsp. 50
Script 3.3d Highlighting Conveniencep. 50
Script 3.3e Stressing Reliabilityp. 51
Letter 3.2 Recapping Specific Advantages of the Servicep. 51
Using Application Studies to Get Your Message Acrossp. 52
Form 3.1 Documenting Customer Applications: The Application Studyp. 53
Script 3.4 Using Customer Feedback to Create a Selling Scriptp. 60
Letter 3.3 A Follow-Up Letter Developed from Application Studiesp. 61
Describing Service and Supportp. 62
Script 3.5a Spelling Out Guaranteesp. 62
Script 3.5b Outlining Supportp. 63
Script 3.5c Explaining Future Updatesp. 63
Refining Your Descriptionsp. 64
Form 3.2 Description-Building Checklistp. 64
Form 3.3 Description-Building Worksheetp. 67
Chapter 4 Setting Up Field Sales Appointments By Telephonep. 70
Describing the Roles of Caller and Field Repp. 71
Script 4.1a Stressing the Field Rep's Problem-Solving Capabilitiesp. 71
Script 4.1b Emphasizing the Rep's Credentialsp. 72
Script 4.1c The Service Teamp. 72
Script 4.1d Transferring the Prospect's Trust to the Salespersonp. 72
Letter 4.1 Reinforcing the Next Contactp. 73
Establishing Strong Reasons for the Field Appointmentp. 74
Script 4.2a Laying a Foundation for Selling Sales Appointmentsp. 74
Script 4.2b Building Image and Personalityp. 75
Script 4.2c Keeping Pace with Competitorsp. 76
Script 4.2d Solving Logistic Problemsp. 76
Script 4.2e Capsulizing the Advantagesp. 77
When the Telemarketer Sets Up an Appointment for the Field Repp. 77
Script 4.3a Preparing the Prospect for a Second Round of Qualifyingp. 79
Script 4.3b Pinpointing a Time for the Rep's Callp. 80
Letter 4.2 Confirming Call from Repp. 81
Form 4.1 Transmitting Follow-Up Data to the Repp. 81
When the Telemarketer Closes the Appointment for the Field Repp. 84
Script 4.4a Setting an Extra-Solid Date for the Field Sales Appointmentp. 84
Script 4.4b Describing What Will Happen at the Meetingp. 85
Script 4.4c Removing the Threat from the Appointmentp. 86
Script 4.4d Making as Sure as Possible That the Entire Buying Committee Will Be Present at the Appointmentp. 87
Script 4.4e Getting a Definite Count on Who Will Attendp. 87
Script 4.5 Informal Appointments: Getting a Foot in the Doorp. 87
Letter 4.3 Confirming the Appointment for the Field Repp. 88
Calls That Confirm the Field Appointmentp. 88
Script 4.6a Confirming the Appointmentp. 89
Script 4.6b Checking on Receipt of Literature Packagep. 89
Script 4.6c Politely Refusing to Mail Brochuresp. 90
Refining Your Appointment-Setting Approachesp. 90
Form 4.2 Appointment-Setting Checklistp. 91
Form 4.3 Appointment Dialogue Worksheetp. 92
Chapter 5 Closing a Sale on the First Telephone Contactp. 95
Complete Scripts for Getting the Order Immediatelyp. 96
Script 5.1a Closing on an Outbound Cold Callp. 96
Script 5.1b Closing on the First Call to an Existing Leadp. 99
Script 5.2 Selling Seminar Seats by Telephonep. 100
Script 5.3a Selling Custom Orders by Telephonep. 103
Letter 5.1 Cover Letter to Support the Custom Orderp. 106
Script 5.3b First Follow-Up Call to the Custom Order Prospectp. 106
Script 5.3c Follow-Up to Close the Custom Orderp. 107
Special Inducements to Order Immediatelyp. 108
Script 5.4a Setting Up a Special Offerp. 108
Script 5.4b Limited-Time Price Breakp. 109
Script 5.4c Overstocked Conditionp. 109
Script 5.4d Factory Slow Periodp. 110
No-Obligation Free Trialsp. 111
Script 5.5a Describing the Offerp. 111
Script 5.5b Getting Prospect's Commitment to Support the Trialp. 112
Letter 5.2 Reinforcing the Terms of the Free Trialp. 113
Script 5.5c Postinstallation Follow-Up Callp. 113
Assurances That Help Get the Closep. 114
Script 5.6a Guaranteed Satisfactionp. 114
Script 5.6b Explaining Specific Terms of a Warranty or Guaranteep. 115
Script 5.6c Ongoing Service and Supportp. 115
Letter 5.3 Blanket Assurance Statementp. 116
Refining Your Telephone Close Approachp. 117
Form 5.1 Closing Checklistp. 117
Chapter 6 Scripts that Increase the Impact of Field Sales Repsp. 119
Turning Field "In-Between" Time into Profitsp. 119
Script 6.1a Using Urgency to Contact Hard-to-Reach Prospectsp. 120
Script 6.1b Setting Up a Drop-Offp. 120
Script 6.1c Using Spare Moments to Arrange Product Demosp. 121
Confirming and Strengthening Field Appointmentsp. 122
Script 6.2a Reviewing Qualificationsp. 123
Script 6.2b Changing Times to Assure the Appointmentp. 124
Script 6.2c Making Requests That Commit the Prospectp. 124
Script 6.2d Getting Additional Specsp. 125
Postappointment Calls for Repsp. 126
Script 6.3a Clarifying Informationp. 126
Script 6.3b Late News About the Product or Servicep. 127
Script 6.3c Further Comments About Prospect Observationsp. 127
Script 6.3d Verifying Receipt of a Proposalp. 128
Script 6.3e Excerpt of Proposalp. 129
Postsale Calls for Repsp. 130
Script 6.4a General Call to a Recent Buyerp. 130
Script 6.4b Affirming Wisdom of Decisionp. 131
Script 6.4c Reporting New Discoveriesp. 132
Script 6.4d Clarifying Informationp. 132
Script 6.4e Asking for Referralsp. 133
Script 6.4f Checking on Operation or Servicep. 133
Refining Field Sales Telephone Scriptsp. 134
Form 6.1 Checklist for the Postappointment Callp. 134
Form 6.2 Postappointment Call Dialogue Worksheetp. 136
Form 6.3 Checklist for the Postsale Callp. 136
Form 6.4 Postsale Call Dialogue Worksheetp. 138
Chapter 7 Scripts for Building Retail Sales and Profitsp. 139
Calls to Current Accountsp. 140
Script 7.1a Invitation to a Special Store Eventp. 140
Script 7.1b Announcing a New Linep. 141
Script 7.1c Announcing a New Departmentp. 142
Script 7.1d Announcing a New Location and Grand Openingp. 143
Letter 7.1 Announcement to Preferred Customersp. 143
Script 7.2a Goodwill Buildingp. 144
Letter 7.2 Satisfaction Assurancep. 145
Script 7.2b Reporting on Delivery Delaysp. 145
Script 7.3 Collection Callp. 146
Cold Calls to Retail Prospectsp. 147
Script 7.4a Invitation to Open an Accountp. 147
Script 7.4b Invitation to Visit Storep. 148
Script 7.4c Inform About Scheduled Sale Eventp. 149
Letter 7.3 New-Customer Recruitmentp. 149
Inbound Calls from Customers and Prospectsp. 150
Script 7.5a Building Extra Goodwill in Every Information Requestp. 151
Script 7.5b Introducing Specials to Call-insp. 151
Script 7.5c Getting Telephone Add-On Orders from Customersp. 152
Script 7.6 Turning Complaints into New Businessp. 152
Letter 7.4 General Follow-Up to Call-In Complaintp. 153
Selling Educational Programs by Telephonep. 153
Script 7.7a Answering and Ad Responsep. 154
Letter 7.5 Cover Letter to New Inquiryp. 155
Script 7.7b Initial Call to a Referralp. 156
Script 7.7c Handling an Inquiry Callp. 156
Script 7.7d Follow-Up Call to a "No-Show"p. 157
Script 7.7e Follow-Up on a Missed Appointment Attemptp. 158
Letter 7.6 Letter for a Missed Appointment Attemptp. 159
Letter 7.7 Follow-Up to a "No-Phone"p. 160
Letter 7.8 Follow-Up to "No-Phone" Who Fails to Keep Appointmentp. 160
Refining Retail Telephone Scriptsp. 160
Form 7.1 Retail Telephone Sales Checklistp. 161
Chapter 8 An Arsenal of Valuable Follow-Up Callsp. 163
When Follow-Up Is Needed Mostp. 164
Second Attempts to Reach a Contactp. 165
Script 8.1a Using Special Tactics to Catch Elusive Decision Makersp. 165
Script 8.1b Handling an Especially Tough Screenp. 166
Script 8.1c Finding a Hidden Buyerp. 167
Second Attempt to Set an Appointmentp. 168
Script 8.2a Calling Back an Unresponsive Contactp. 168
Script 8.2b "Not Interested"p. 169
Script 8.2c Rushing to End the Callp. 170
Script 8.2d Four Approaches for Recontacting a Procrastinatorp. 171
Script 8.2e Dealing with a Nebulous Excusep. 172
Following Up Recent Closesp. 173
Form 8.1 Checklist for Verifying Fulfillment of Servicesp. 173
Script 8.3 Open-Ended Service Assurance Callp. 174
Letter 8.1 Offer of Assistancep. 175
Letter 8.2 Using the "Want List" to Get Automatic Reordersp. 175
Following Up Recent Cancellationsp. 176
Script 8.4a Reestablishing Goodwill After a Cancellationp. 177
Script 8.4b Getting the Reason Why You Missedp. 177
Form 8.2 Lost-Sale Reportp. 178
Script 8.4c Opening Future Possibilitiesp. 179
Letter 8.3 "Thanks for Letting Us Serve You"p. 180
Bringing "Dead" Leads Back to Lifep. 180
Script 8.5 Reviving Communications with Neglected Leadsp. 181
Letter 8.4 "We Blew It"p. 182
Script 8.6a Satisfied with Present Supplierp. 182
Script 8.6b "We Don't Have a Need Right Now"p. 183
Refining Follow-Up Callsp. 184
Form 8.3 List of Follow-Up Callsp. 184
Form 8.4 Follow-Up Call Checklistp. 185
Form 8.5 Follow-Up Dialogue Worksheetsp. 187
Chapter 9 Successfully Fielding Inbound Telephone Inquiriesp. 188
The Vital "Front End" of Taking Callsp. 189
Script 9.1 Example of a Typical Inbound Callp. 189
Form 9.1 Routing Incoming Calls: Who's Responsible for Getting Resultsp. 191
Script 9.2a Greetings that Workp. 192
Script 9.2b Business Greetings for Answering Machinesp. 192
Script 9.3a Qualifying the Inbound Callerp. 193
Script 9.3b Explaining the Call-Transfer Procedure to the Outside Callerp. 195
Form 9.2 Documenting the Inbound Callerp. 195
Script 9.4 Avoiding the "It's-for-You" Syndromep. 196
Chapter 10 Total Strategies for Cultivating Major Sales Relationshipsp. 209
Conducting a Market Surveyp. 210
Form 10.1 Research Guide for New Marketp. 210
Script 10.1a A Brief but Comprehensive Surveyp. 211
Form 10.2 Sample Questionnairep. 212
Script 10.1b Gathering Smaller Parcels of Market Datap. 214
The Short-Term Cultivation Processp. 215
Letter 10.1 Simple Prospecting Letterp. 216
Script 10.2 Following up the Mailer with the Initial Callp. 217
Script 10.3 Appointment Call from the Sales Repp. 219
Script 10.4 Setting up a Second Appointment to Deliver the Quotep. 220
Letter 10.2 Postquote Follow-Upp. 220
Letter 10.3 Note to New Customerp. 221
The Long-Term Account-Cultivation Processp. 221
Letter 10.4 First Long-Term Contactp. 223
Script 10.5 Second Long-Term Contactp. 224
Letter 10.5 Third Long-Term Contactp. 224
Script 10.6 Fourth Long-Term Contactp. 225
Script 10.7 Fifth Long-Term Contactp. 226
Refining Your Cultivation Programp. 226
Form 10.3 Account-Cultivation Checklistp. 227
Chapter 11 Overcoming Stalls, Objections, and Complaintsp. 230
Rebuttals to Stalls That Come Up During the Initial Callp. 230
Documenting Rebuttals to Objectionsp. 231
Form 11.1 Objections and Rebuttalsp. 231
Script 11.1a "Don't Know Your Company"p. 233
Script 11.1b "Not Interested"p. 235
Script 11.1c "No Time"p. 236
Script 11.1d "We're Satisfied"p. 236
Script 11.1e "Send Literature"p. 237
Script 11.1f "I'll Think About It"p. 239
Dealing with Competitive Factorsp. 239
Script 11.2 "Want to Shop Around"p. 240
Script 11.3a "Been Dealing with Them for Years"p. 240
Script 11.3b "They're Better"p. 241
Script 11.3c "They're Bigger"p. 242
Script 11.3d "Remember When You Were Just Starting Out?"p. 243
Script 11.3e "They're Cheaper"p. 243
Handling Complaintsp. 244
Script 11.4a Admitting You Didn't Handle It Wellp. 244
Script 11.4b Taking Personal Responsibility for Making Things Rightp. 245
Script 11.4c Offering a Little Compensation to Help Smooth Out Ruffled Feelingsp. 245
Script 11.5 Referring Complaints to the Right Peoplep. 246
Letter 11.1 Complaint Follow-Upp. 247
How Clarifying Can Cut Through Stalls and Objectionsp. 248
Script 11.6a Asking for More Detail About the Objectionp. 248
Script 11.6b "Playing Back" an Objection to Assure Clarityp. 249
Script 11.6c Taking the Sharp Edges Off an Objectionp. 249
Script 11.7 Stopping Objections Before They Come Upp. 250
Refining Your Stall and Objection Responsesp. 250
Form 11.2 Stall and Objection Checklistp. 251
Form 11.3 Stall and Objection Dialogue Worksheetp. 254
Chapter 12 Nonselling Scripts that Boost Revenues and Cut Costsp. 257
Reactivating Dormant Accountsp. 258
Script 12.1a Reopening Dialogue with Inactive Buyersp. 258
Script 12.1b Probing to Reveal the Problemp. 259
Script 12.1c Recapturing Lost Businessp. 260
Letter 12.1 Follow-Up to Small Dormant Accountsp. 261
Cutting the Cost of Dealing with Marginal Accountsp. 262
Script 12.2a Switching Distant Customers to Buying by Telephonep. 262
Script 12.2b Stressing More Frequent Contactsp. 263
Script 12.2c Pointing Out Time Saving in Buying by Telephonep. 264
Script 12.2d Describing Cost Control in Buying by Telephonep. 264
Letter 12.2 Follow-Up to Distant Customersp. 265
Script 12.3 Switching Low-Volume Buyers to Telephone Purchasingp. 265
Letter 12.3 Follow-Up to Low-Volume Buyersp. 267
Handling Financial Mattersp. 267
Script 12.4a Requesting COD on the First Orderp. 268
Script 12.4b Require Credit Referencesp. 269
Letter 12.4 Need COD or Cash Before Deliveryp. 269
Collecting Past-Due Accountsp. 270
Letter 12.5 Reminder, 14 Days Past Duep. 271
Script 12.5 Collection Call, 30 Days Past Duep. 271
Letter 12.6 Collection, 60 Days Past Duep. 272
Letter 12.7 Final Notice, 90 Days Past Duep. 272
Finding and Negotiating with New Suppliersp. 273
Letter 12.8 Request for Samples and Pricesp. 273
Script 12.6 Buying Smaller Quantities at the Best Possible Pricesp. 274
Letter 12.9 Order Confirmation and Request for Payment Termsp. 275
Refining Your Revenue-Building Scriptsp. 276
Form 12.1 Checklist for Reactivating Dormant Accountsp. 276
Form 12.1a Dialogue Worksheet for Dormant Accountsp. 277
Form 12.2 Checklist for Dealing with Marginal Accountsp. 278
Form 12.2a Dialogue Worksheet for Marginal Accountsp. 279
Form 12.3 Checklist for Handling Financial Mattersp. 281
Form 12.3a Dialogue Worksheet for Collection Callp. 281
Form 12.4 Checklist for Finding and Negotiating with New Suppliersp. 282
Form 12.4a Worksheet for New-Supplier Query Letterp. 283
Chapter 13 Scripts for Interviewing New Telemarketersp. 285
Recruiting the Best Possible Peoplep. 285
Form 13.1 Creating a Telemarketing Job Descriptionp. 288
Screening Applicants by Telephonep. 292
Script 13.1 Referring Calls from Applicantsp. 292
Script 13.2a A Guide for Narrowing the Fieldp. 293
Script 13.2b Calibrating Motivationp. 294
Script 13.2c Exploring Previous Employment and Educationp. 295
Script 13.2d Probing Prior Experience in Your Industryp. 296
Making Your Offer Look Bigger and Betterp. 297
Script 13.3a "Merchandising" the Companyp. 298
Script 13.3b "How Much Money You Can Expect to Make"p. 298
Script 13.3c Scope of Responsibilityp. 299
Script 13.3d Professional Growthp. 299
Script 13.3e Training Offeredp. 300
Script 13.3f Work Environmentp. 300
Script 13.3g Setting up the Personal Interviewp. 301
Form 13.2 Caller Scoresheetp. 301
Letter 13.1 Outright Applicant Rejectionp. 302
Letter 13.2 Possible Future Opportunityp. 303
Refining Your Applicant Interviewsp. 303
Form 13.3 Interview Checklistp. 303
Form 13.4 Interview Dialogue Worksheetp. 305
Indexp. 309