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Type talk : the 16 personality types that determine how we live, love, and work
Kroeger, Otto.
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Determine your personality using a scientifically validated method based on the work of C.G. Jung and gain insight into why others behave the way they do, and why you are the person you are.

Table of Contents

Dr. Charles Seashore
Acknowledgmentsp. xiii
Forewordp. 1
Chapter 1 Name-calling: "There are three fingers pointing back at you."p. 4
What Typewatching is
Who we are
A brief history
The birth of a type
Chapter 2 What's Your Type?: "Is it three fifty-two, or a little before four?"p. 13
A self-analysis
Chapter 3 Celebrating Differences: The Eight Preferences: "I know the answer. Let me start talking until it becomes clear."
Sensors vs. iNtuitives
Thinkers vs. Feelers
Extraverts vs. Introverts
Judgers vs. Perceivers
Everything is relative
Too much of a good thing can lead to trouble
Chapter 4 A Typewatching Shortout: The Four Temperaments: "Ready. Fire. Aim."p. 49
Chapter 5 The ABCs of Determining Someone's Type: "Whoa, this isn't the same person I've known in the office."p. 62
Expressive Extraverts vs. Reserved Introverts
Rigid Judgers vs. Flexible Perceivers
Exact Sensors vs. Theoretical iNtuitives
Objective Thinkers vs. Subjective Feelers
Chapter 6 Typewatching From 9 to 5: "Somehow I'd like a little more margin for error."p. 75
How types set goals
Making goals work
Type and time management
How the types view "time"
Hiring: Who hires whom?
Avoiding organizational blind spots
Resolving conflicts with type
Typewatching and team building
Why Feelers are underpaid
Chapter 7 Friends, Lovers, and Type: "At last, someone who will help me get my life in order."p. 123
How types play the dating game
Do opposites attract?
What's a "small" wedding?
Gift giving
Fair fighting
Love, sex, and type
Chapter 8 Parent-Child Typewatching: "Would you please look with your eyes instead of your mouth?"p. 158
How Introverts and Extraverts invade space
Sensing-iNtuitive communication problems
Thinking and Feeling role models
Judgers shape kids up; Perceivers lack guidance
Some case histories
Chapter 9 Typewatching Everywhere: "Have a cookie. You'll feel better."p. 180
Type, teaching, and learning
Who does well on tests?
Career choices of the sixteen types
How types behave at parties
Money management: Who saves, who spends?
Weight: Who gains, who loses?
Humor: How types tell jokes
Sexual antics
Sports: winners and losers
Religion: the true believers
Politics: Who make the best leaders?
Chapter 10 The Sixteen Profiles: "How could we lose when we were so sincere?"p. 214
ISTJ: Doing What Should Be Donep. 215
ISFJ: A High Sense of Dutyp. 218
INFJ: An Inspiration to Othersp. 222
INTJ: Everything Has Room for Improvementp. 226
ISTP: Ready to Try Anything Oncep. 230
ISFP: Sees Much But Shares Littlep. 234
INFP: Performing Noble Service to Aid Societyp. 238
INTP: A Love of Problem-solvingp. 243
ESTP: The Ultimate Realistp. 247
ESFP: You Only Go Around Once in Lifep. 251
ENFP: Giving Life an Extra Squeezep. 256
ENTP: One Exciting Challenge After Anotherp. 261
ESTJ: Life's Administratorsp. 265
ESFJ: Hosts and Hostesses of the Worldp. 269
ENFJ: Smooth-talking Persuaderp. 272
ENTJ: Life's Natural Leadersp. 276
Appendixesp. 281
1 A Brief History of Typewatching
2 Dominant, Auxiliary, and the Complexity of the Introvert
About the Authorsp. 290
About Otto Kroeger Associatesp. 290
Suggested Readingsp. 291