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Ecology and economics: controlling pollution in the 70s.
Goldman, Marshall I., compiler.
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Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : Prentice-Hall [1972]
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xi, 234 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
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1967 ed. published under title: Controlling pollution: the economics of a cleaner America.
Pollution: the mess around us, by M.I. Goldman.--The great and dirty lakes, by G. Hill.--Air pollution, by A.C. Nadler and G.L. Paulson.--What is pollution? by I.M. Goldman and R. Shoop.--The role of government in a free society, by M. Friedman.--Social costs of business enterprise, by K.W. Kapp.--Effluents and affluence, by J.E. Hazelton.--Economic incentives in air pollution control, by E.D. Mills.--The economics of environmental quality, by S. Rose.--Environmental disruption in Japan: again the Japanese outdo us, by M.I. Goldman.--Water quality management by regional authorities in the Ruhr area, by A.V. Kneese.--A river dies, and is born again, by F.J. Cook.--Pittsburgh: how one city did it, by T.O. Thackery.--The rebirth of a river, by L. Edison.--The convergence of environmental disruption, by M.I. Goldman.--Where do we go from here? by E.S. Muskie.

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