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The dissonance of change, 1929 to the present
The dissonance of change, 1929 to the present
Glad, Paul W., 1926-2018 compiler.
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New York : Random House [1970]
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vi, 231 pages ; 24 cm.
Sources of the New Deal: reflections on the temper of a time, by A. M. Schlesinger.--A blunder becomes catastrophe: Hoover, the Legion, and the bonus army, by D. J. Lisio.--It all happened in Pine Mountain Valley, by P. K. Conklin.--The Negro in the New Deal, by L. H. Fishel, Jr.--Foreign policy and the "democratic myth": the debate on the Ludlow amendment, by R. D. Burns and W. A. Dixon.--Hitler's image of the United States, by G. L. Weinberg.--How the cold war began, by S. Lynd.--Dollar strength as a liability in United States diplomacy, by J. P. Nichols.--The decline and fall of the double standard, by E. O. Smigel and R. Seiden.--What happened to the civil rights movement? By C. V. Woodward.--The changing pattern of American politics, by L. Overacker.--The science establishment and its political control, by W. Goldstein.
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