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Writing against time; critical essays and reviews.
Writing against time; critical essays and reviews.
Moss, Howard, 1922-1987.
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New York : Morrow, 1969.
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219 pages ; 22 cm
Dylan Thomas: A broadcast.--John Keats: An introduction.--Daniel Fuchs: Homage to the thirties.--Katherine Anne Porter: No safe harbor.--William Shakespeare: Mr. W. H. And Mr. H. W.--John Keats: The noose of the whole.--Anton Chekhov: The desert everywhere.--The theater, the new, the now: A letter.--Nathalie Sarraute: Make it vague.--Edward Lear: An introduction.--Denis Devlin: Christ in the machine.--Katherine Anne Porter: Reversing the binoculars.--Elizabeth Bishop: All praise.--Henry James: The imperial theme.--Proust, Chekhov, James, Mann: Notes on fiction.--Glenway Wescott: Love birds of prey.--Dylan Thomas: A thin, curly little person.--Lois Moyles: An introduction.--A contribution to a symposium.--Flann O'Brien: Tom Swift in hell.--Leo Tolstoy: Happy families are all alike.--Elizabeth Bowen: Intelligence at war.
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