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And Grandma said-- : Iroquois teachings, as passed down through the oral tradition
Porter, Tom, 1944-
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ix, 441 pages : illustrations, portraits ; 22 cm
"The Iroquois culture and traditional Longhouse spirituality has a universal appeal, a ring of truth to it that resonates not only with other indigenous people, but also with non-Native people searching for their own spiritual roots. Raised in the home of a grandmother who spoke only Mohawk, Sakokweniónkwas (Tom Porter) was asked from a young age, to translate for his elders. After such intensive exposure to his grandparents' generation, he is able to recall in vivid detail, the stories and ceremonies of a culture hovering on the brink of extinction. After devoting most of his adult life to revitalizing the culture and language of his people, Tom finally records here, the teachings of a generation of elders who have been gone for more than twenty years."--Publisher description.
The dream -- The opening address -- Colonialism -- Creation story part 1 : Sky Woman and Turtle Island -- Creation story part 2 : Mother earth and her twins -- Creation story part 3 : Human beings and Grandmother Moon -- Creation story part 4 : Counting from one to ten -- Creation story part 5 : endnotes -- Language in 3-D -- The clan system -- Trading eyes -- Funerals and contradictions -- A language dilemma -- The fog -- Where we've settled -- The four sacred rituals part 1 : the teacher -- The four sacred rituals part 2 : three of the rituals -- The four sacred rituals part 3 : Peach stone game -- Atenaha, the Seed game -- The four sacred beings -- Three souls or spirits and Ohkí:we -- Weddings -- Pregnancies, according to Mohawk tradition -- A spiritual ladder -- Child rearing methods, according to Mohawk tradition -- The great law of peace part 1 : the birth of the Peacemaker -- The great law of peace part 2 : the birth of The Confederacy -- The great law of peace part 3 : keeping and preserving it -- Some notes on tobacco and other medicine -- The leadership -- Casinos -- Prayer? -- The future -- The closing address -- Appendices : What Grandma's great grand-children learned ; Directions for Atenaha, the Seed game ; Glossary of Mohawk words ; Glossary of Mohawk passages.

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