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Minecraft : beginner's handbook
Milton, Stephanie, author.
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London : Egmont UK Ltd., 2013.

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79 pages : color illustrations ; 21 cm
You're alone in a mysterious new world, full of hidden dangers. You have only minutes to find food and shelter before darkness falls and the monsters come looking for you. What do you do? [This book] might just save your life. You can learn how to make a shelter, find resources, craft tools, armour and weapons, and protect yourself from monsters. With tips from Minecraft experts, as well as creator Notch himself, this is the definitive guide to how to survive your first few days in Minecraft.
Introduction -- A short history of Minecraft -- The technical stuff -- Controls -- Inventory -- Survival mode: First moments -- Paul Soares Jr.: My first day in Minecraft -- Wooden tools -- Torches -- Shelter -- Stone tools and weapons -- Food and health -- Crafting a bed -- Table of elements -- A guide to mining rare elements by CaptainSparkles -- Animals -- Villagers -- Profile: Creeper -- Profile: Skeleton -- Profile: Zombie -- Profile: Enderman -- Profile: Slime -- CaptainSparkles: My first day in Minecraft -- Improve your shelter in five easy steps -- Gardening -- Farming crops -- Breeding animals -- Armour -- Exploring -- Finding your way -- Minecart system -- Exclusive interview with Notch and Jeb -- Achievements -- Useful links.
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Carries EU Toy Safety Directive 'Unsuitable for children ages. 0-3' warning logo. NA.

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