Cover image for Trans : exploring gender identity and gender dysphoria: a guide for everyone (including professionals)
Trans : exploring gender identity and gender dysphoria: a guide for everyone (including professionals)
Hakeem, Az, editor.
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Nottinghamshire, UK : Trigger Press, 2018.
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205 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
"What is gender dysphoria? How does it affect people? What do terms like intersex, cisgender and transsexualism mean? This book, the first of its kind, presents an easy-to-read, jargon-free guide to help anyone understand the terminology, the concept and the day-to-day reality of gender dysphoria and related concepts. TRANS is a book for everyone - insightful enough for professionals, but accessible enough for all. Put simply, TRANS explains what gender dysphoria is, how it affects people, and what is available, medically and psychotherapeutically to support people with gender dysphoria. The editor, Dr Az Hakeem, has assembled a group of contributors to give readers a truly accessible guide to the psychology and the everyday reality of gender dysphoria, transvestism, gender reassignment and being trans. The book even addresses 'the difficult questions' like 'What do we tell the children?' and 'What happens when you change your sex, then change your mind?''--Back cover.
Section I: Gender dysphoria terminology. Sex, gender and sexuality ; Transsexual, transgender, and gender dysphoria ; Transvestites, cross-dressers, and drag (queens and kings) ; Autogynaephilia : the men who want vaginas ; Female-to-male transsexuals : FTMs -- Section 2: Understanding gender dysphoria. A brief history of gender dysphoria ; The onset and evolution of gender dysphoria ; Psychotherapy for gender dysphoria ; Parallel processes : observations from psychotherapeutic work with gender dysphoria ; Children with gender dysphoria / Elizabeth Riley -- Section 3: Changing sex. Gender identity clinic services in the UK / Kevan Wylie ; Gender identity clinic services in Australia / Fintan Harte ; Cross-sex hormones / Rosemary Jones ; Surgical procedures / Andrew Ives ; Care of the neo-vagina / Rosemary Jones ; Being trans, living trans : a personal account / Melissa Vick ; Young and transgender / Luka Griffin ; What do we tell the children? ; "I changed my sex, then changed my mind" -- Section 4: Measuring gender dysphoria and treatment outcomes. The gender preoccupation and stability questionnaire (GPSQ) -- Section 5: Transgender politics. The Gender Recognition Act (UK) ; Transgender politics / Melissa Vick ; Transgender politics : a clinician's personal experience.
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