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Absolute tennis : the best and next way to play the game
Smith, Marty, author.
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New York, NY : New Chapter Press, [2017]

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v, 322 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
"Absolute Tennis is a thorough and comprehensive guide to improving your tennis. In this insightful and visually engaging book, Martin Smith, an NCAA Division I Southern Conference Champion and long-time Director of Tennis at the New York Athletic Club, shares his extensive knowledge of tennis technique, strategy, psychology, and fitness in easy to understand language. His meticulous explanations of the strokes coupled with narrated individual and sequenced photos of the world's best players will help you develop powerful and consistent swings, play with more confidence, and win a lot more. Recognizing that tennis is a highly athletic, tactical, and mental game, he dedicates a large part of the book to the body, singles and doubles strategy, and the mind. You will learn how to improve your footwork, movement, and endurance, integrate winning game plans that highlight your strengths and expose your opponents' weaknesses, and use your inner voice to remain focused, positive and energetic, helping you attain peak performance. A forward thinker, he not only discusses the strokes of today, but also the future. Martin goes through the evolution of the game, and makes a compelling and persuasive case for three unconventional strokes that may become accepted techniques as the game continues to evolve and become faster."--
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