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Black brotherhood; Afro-Americans and Africa
Uya, Okon Edet, compiler.
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xi, 282 pages ; 23 cm
Deep river, by M. M. Fisher.--The attitude of the free Negro toward African colonization, by L. Mehlinger.--Pan-Negro nationalism in the New World, before 1862, by H. R. Lynch.--The relations and duties of free colored men in America to Africa, by A. Crummell.--A project for an expedition of adventure to the eastern coast of Africa, by M. R. Delany.--The call of providence to the descendants of Africa in America, by E. W. Blyden.--Bishop Turner's African dream, by E. S. Redkey.--Alfred Charles Sam and an African return: a case study in Negro despair, by W. Bittle and G. Geis.--Booker T. Washington and the white man's burden, by L. Harlan.--DuBois and pan-Africa, by R. B. Moore.--Black Moses: Marcus Garvey and Garveyism, by E. D. Cronon.--Hide my face? The literary renaissance, by St. Clair Drake.--Notes on Negro American influences on the emergence of African nationalism, by G. Shepperson.--Something new out of Africa, by H. R. Isaacs.--Africa-conscious Harlem, by R. B. Moore.--Malcolm X: an international man, by R. M. and E. U. Essien-Udom.--Black power and colonialism, by J. Lester.
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