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7 secrets of the newborn
Hamilton, Robert C., author.
First Edition.
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New York : St. Martin's Press, [2018]
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xi, 323 pages ; 25 cm
Robert C. Hamilton, M.D., has spent more than three decades caring for newborns. In his practice, Dr. Bob has seen it all--what works, what doesn't. How can you get your baby to nurse, sleep, and maybe even cease crying? What strategies can help you connect and communicate with your infant? What important decisions will you make during the first year for your child, yourself, and your partner? Here, Dr. Bob shares his clear, sensible, warm advice--as well as all the latest scientific data and research--on how to: " Offer comfort to a crying newborn using the "Hold" " Gently teach your baby how to sleep (and get some sleep yourself) " Establish healthy patterns " Breastfeed, formula-feed, or bottle-feed using either " Play! " Manage screen time in your home " And more to help you navigate the unforgettable first year of your child's life.
General Note:
Cover subtitle: secrets and (happy) surprises of the first year.

Includes index.
Foreword / Patricia Heaton -- Introduction -- The beginning of it all -- Secret #1: You are about to fall desperately in love -- It all begins in the womb -- The first month of life -- Secret #2: For the first month, baby leads the way-no schedules, no programs, just baby (it's a tough month) -- Start fresh : live 'off the grid' and avoid all the least for the first month -- Secret #3: During the first month, your newborn doesn't need toys, clothes, a stroller or even a crib : all your new baby needs is you! -- Handcrafted babies -- Four cornerstones of the first year -- Secret #4: Solid and healthy families don't happen by chance : they are created with deliberation -- The wonders of the first (maniacal) year -- Establishing healthy patterns in the first year -- Embrace the mundane -- have fun with your baby, and enliven your child's senses all at the same time! -- The two-parent team -- Secret #5: Moms and dads are equally important when raising a baby -- Oh, the places you'll go, where your children take you -- Resist the allure of screen time -- Secret #6: No screens for the first year of your child's life -- Travel far and wide -- Embrace your tribe -- Relax, retreat, and re-energize -- Secret #7: We all need rest, especially new mothers and fathers -- Epilogue: The blessing of children -- Bonus secret: Babies are even more fun than you can imagine : it's all worth it -- For further reading -- Acknowledgments -- Index.
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