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Racism; a casebook
Lapides, Frederick R., compiler.
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New York : Crowell [1971]
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viii, 305 pages ; 22 cm.
From Heredity, race, and society, by L. C. Dunn and T. Dobzhansky.--Prejudice and the young child, by G. W. Allport.--The prejudiced personality, by G. W. Allport.--The Negro question, by A. Einstein.--The two worlds of race: a historical view, by J. H. Franklin.--Facets of the Negro problem, by G. Myrdal.--The ethics of living Jim Crow, by R. Wright.--From Sex and racism in America, by C. C. Hernton.--Black and white: the ghetto inside, by K. B. Clark.--Unemployment, family structure, and social disorganization. Comparing the immigrant and Negro experience. By National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders.--Mood: Project C, by L. Bennett, Jr.--From Black nationalism: a search for identity, by E. U. Essien-Udom.--From The autobiography of Malcolm X, by Malcolm X with A. Haley.--Bright and morning star, by R. Wright.--Going to meet the man, by J. Baldwin.--Black is my favorite color, by B. Malamud.--In darkness and confusion, by A. Petry.--Everything that rises must converge, by F. O'Connor.--Son in the afternoon, by J. A. Williams.--Topics for writing projects.--Bibliography (p. 303-305)
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