Cover image for Highest mountain, smallest star : a pictorial compendium of natural wonders
Highest mountain, smallest star : a pictorial compendium of natural wonders
Baker, Kate, 1949- author.
Personal Author:
First U.S. edition.
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Somerville, Mass. Big Picture Press, 2018.
Physical Description:
75 pages : color illustrations ; 35 cm.
Do you know how tall the tallest mountain on Earth is? Or how deep the deepest ocean goes? Do you know which creature was the largest to ever live? Or how old the oldest tree is? Learn all this and more in this book of comparisons. Page Tsou's extraordinarily detailed illustrations have a lithograph aesthetic that is at once vintage and contemporary.
Some of the largest dinosaurs and the largest pterosaur -- Some of the largest animals on land and in the ocean -- Among the world's largest butterflies -- Among the world's largest bugs -- The tallest, largest, widest, and oldest living trees -- The solar system -- From the Earth to the Moon -- Record-breaking animal migrations -- Some of the highest mountains -- Deepest oceans -- Burrowing animals -- Deepest land animals -- Hottest, coldest, driest, wettest places -- Some of the world's biggest storms -- Fastest creatures -- Longest-lived animals -- Most abundant life-forms -- Lost world of giants -- Birds and pterosaurs -- Sea creatures then and now -- Land of the dinosaurs -- Tall structures then and now -- Towers, waterfalls, and mountains -- Ships, trains, and trucks -- Great lengths -- Speed on land and in the air -- Powerful creatures -- How heavy? -- Human history in a week -- History of the universe -- Small creatures and microscopic life -- Stars and galaxies.
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