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Writing is murder : an Emlyn Goode mystery
Solomon, Susan Lynn.
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260 pages ; 23 cm
"Cursed by a Native American, the Bennet House is one of the most haunted locations in Niagara Falls. This is where Emlyn Goode and all but one member of her writers' group hunt for ghosts on Halloween. What they find in the house, isn't a ghost, though. It's the body of Daniel Bennet, the missing group member. A few days earlier, Daniel had shown Emlyn a document he'd found in the Bennet House, and told her it would anger people if made public. When the body is found, the document is missing. Accused of Daniel's murder, Emlyn is certain that document will identify the true killer. But her search for it becomes dangerous when her lover, police detective Roger Frey is shot in the Bennet House, and then the killer comes after her. Without Roger's protection, can anything written in her ancient relative's Book of Shadows save Emlyn this time?."--Cover.
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