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Massage for dummies
Capellini, Steve.
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2nd ed.
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xviii, 340 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
From Swedish and shiatsu techniques to aromatherapy and reflexology, this guide to the art of massage shows you how to knead your way to relaxation and wellness.
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Previous edition: Foster City, Calif. : IDG, 1999.
Discovering massage -- The art of receiving massage -- The art of giving massage -- Massage for every body -- The part of tens.

Part 1: Discovering massage. -- 1. Not just a rub: how massage can improve your life -- 2. A brief history of touch -- 3. Your skin and what's beneath it: what you're touching when you massage somebody -- Part 2: The art of receiving massage. -- 4. Making massage part of your life: a massage road map -- 5. Your first massage appointment, step-by-step -- 6. The rules for receiving massage -- 7. Enjoying the spa experience (there and at home) -- Part 3: The art of giving massage. -- 8. Setting the stage for a great massage -- 9. Stocking your massage tool chest -- 10. All the right moves -- 11. Putting the moves together: massaging the back of the body -- 12. Putting the moves together: massaging the front of the body -- 13. A special treat for the feet: reflexology -- 14. Have hands, will travel: doing massage for a living -- Part 4: Massage for every body. -- 15. Higher, faster, stronger: sports massage -- 16. Sensual massage -- 17. A massage for baby (and mommy too) -- 18. Self-massage techniques to use at work -- Part 5: The part of tens. -- 19. Ten (plus a few more) top places to study massage -- 20. Ten outstanding places to receive a top-notch massage -- Appendix: Massage resources.
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