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Muslims in India
Imam, Zafar.
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xvi, 307 pages : maps ; 22 cm
Introduction. -- Pt. 1. Shadow of the past. Khan, R. A. Muslims in medieval times: a historical sketch. Ashraf, K. M. A political history of Indian Muslims (1857-1947). Chopra, S. Muslim politics: legacy of underdevelopment. -- Pt. 2. The perennial issues. Imam, Z. Some aspects of the social structure of the Muslim community in India. Raza, M., Ahmad, A. & Siddiqi, N. A. Muslims of India -- some aspects of regional demography. Kanth, R. A Muslim political culture? -- Pt. 3. The contemporary arena. Bilgrami, S. J. R. Nationalism and Indian Muslims: problems and perspectives. Shakir, M. The Muslim political elite. Shaida, S. A. The cultural identity of Indian Muslims. Shukla, S. Indian Muslims and education. Hasan, M. Some aspects of the problems of Muslim social reform. Ahmad, I. Economic and social change. Azeem, A. Urdu -- a victim of cultural genocide? Ahmad, F. The secularization of politics: the Turkish example.
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