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The Black ghetto: promised land or colony?
Meister, Richard J., 1938- , compiler.
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xvi, 219 pages ; 21 cm.
The Black North: a social study, by W. E. B. DuBois.--The sport of the gods, by P. L. Dunbar.--The physical and the institutional ghetto, by A. H. Spear.--The making of a ghetto, by G. Osofsky.--The migration of Negroes from the South, by the Chicago Commission on Race Relations.--The fat years, by S. Drake and H. R. Cayton.--The background of the Negro renaissance, by R. Bone.--Harlem: the culture capital, by J. W. Johnson.--Patterns in race riots, by E. M. Rudwick.--The twenties: the new nadir, by C. M. Green.--Some effects of the depression on the Negro in Northern cities, by E. F. Frazier.--Riot, by R. Ellison.--The Negro family, by D. P. Moynihan.--Is there a "breakdown" of the Negro family? By E. Herzog.--Another look at lower-class Black culture, by U. Hannerz.--White power: the colonial situation, by S. Carmichael and C. V. Hamilton.--Black power: cultural nationalism in politics, by C. Lasch.--Internal colonialism and ghetto revolt, by R. Blauner.--Postscript on Black power: the dialogue between shadow and substance, by H. Cruse.--Suggestions for additional reading (p. 212-219)
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