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Why can't I feel the Earth spinning? : & other vital questions about science
Doyle, James, author.
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London : Thames & Hudson Ltd, 2018.
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95 pages : illustrations ; 27 cm.
Why Can't I Feel the Earth Spinning? is an irreverent and informative introduction to tricky questions about science. How do we know what dinosaurs looked like? Why does medicine taste so bad? Why don't airplanes fall down? Why Can't I Feel the Earth Spinning? encourages children to start asking and answering questions for themselves. The book is structured around twenty-two questions. Each section explores the question and answer with detailed illustrations, photographs, or diagrams and then asks further questions on a similar theme. Children learn about how their bodies work, why trees' leaves are green, why people dream, and whether "The Cloud" is really a cloud. Written with humor and full of fun illustrations, Why Can't I Feel the Earth Spinning? is the perfect primer for young inquisitive minds and budding scientists.
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Includes index.
Machine generated contents note: What Is Science? -- Introduction -- Why Are Trees Green? -- Trees and forests -- How Do We Know What Dinosaurs Looked Like? -- Dinosaurs and early humans -- What Do Plants Eat? -- Plants and flowers -- Why Do I Have to Wash? -- Skin and sweat -- Are Maps Always Right? -- How we see our world -- Why Does My Hair Grow? -- Hair, nails and blood -- Why Does Medicine Taste So Bad? -- Medicine and mould -- How Do Surgeons Know What To Take Out? -- Surgery and anatomy -- Why Is Bread Full Of Bubbles? -- Yeast and fermentation -- Why Do Stars Twinkle? -- Stars and planets -- How Was The Earth Made? -- The "Big Bang" and the Sun -- What's Inside A Black Hole? -- Space and the Universe -- Why Do Sirens Sound Weird When They Go Past? -- Sound and radio waves -- How Do Airplanes Stay Up? -- Flight and motion -- How Do We Know The World Is Round? -- Orbits and gravity -- Why Is the Sea Blue? -- The ocean and deep-sea exploration -- Where Do Mountains Come From? -- Plate tectonics and volcanoes -- What Makes Thunder And Lightning? -- Weather and electricity -- Could I Live On Mars? -- Space travel -- Is "The Cloud" A Real Cloud? -- Computers and robots -- Why Do I Dream? -- Sleep and the brain.
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