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The Niagara Frontier's unwritten history
O'Donnell, Neil.
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The Niagara Frontier has been blessed in the fact that the region's archaeological record has long been held in capable hands. Frederick M. Houghton along with A.L. Benedict were the initial stalwarts who identified and excavated at numerous sites throughout the region, the former detailing his efforts and analyses extensively in archaeological journals. In time, Marian White took the reins of archaeological reconnaissance in the Niagara Frontier, establishing the University at Buffalo archaeological survey program as well as overseeing the analysis and curation of regional museum collections. As for Dr. White's excavations, they provided an extensive understanding of site locations as well as the progression of prehistoric Iroquoian communities within the Niagara Frontier.
Peopling the Americas -- Peopling the Niagara Frontier -- The Niagara Frontier's paleoindian populations -- The Niagara Frontier's woodlands -- The archaic period -- The early and middle archaic -- Rise of the woodland period -- The mound builders -- Plant domestication -- The Iroquoians.
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