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The wave
Miller, Luke Alexander, author.
Publication Information:
[United States] : [published by the author], [2018]

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287 pages ; 21 cm
"The Wave encapsulates the experiences of a group of five people in their exploration for purpose. Throughout the course of the story the protagonist, Andrew Melnik, learns to balance his past and future life. The events of the novel told through Andy's eyes captivate the reader due to the compelling setting, curious tone, and poetic imagery in the novel. Andy's constant pursuit of the future coupled with his tendency to live in the past creates a paradoxical perspective of the novel's course of events. Through Andy, the story facilitates the reader to contemplate the parallelism of the past and the future in their own life. Luke Miller brings a new perspective to storytelling; his vivid writing style and attitude brings The Wave to life as the relatable characters run through their lives in two separate lanes throughout the story - capturing the group's freshman year of college together, in parallel with a spontaneous reunion two years after they graduate. The Wave sparks a hollow feeling of the indescribable nature of time. Andy's chase after the future continues from the start to the finish; as he runs through pivotal moments in his life, he needs to decide how to react to them, and how they affect his future. Andy's search for solace with his life gets unravelled in a rapid pace from Miller's new viewpoint. His compelling tale adds a fresh installment to the vision of modern-day youth. In the end, the reader needs to question just how much of their life they see in his."--back cover.
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