Cover image for Homey don't play that! : the story of In Living Color and the black comedy revolution
Homey don't play that! : the story of In Living Color and the black comedy revolution
Peisner, David, author.
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First 37INK/Atria Books hardcover edition.
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New York : 37 INK/Atria, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, Inc., 2018.

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vii, 386 pages ; 24 cm
"Discover the fascinating behind-the-scenes stories and lasting impact of the trailblazing sketch comedy show that upended television, launched the careers of some of our biggest stars, and changed the way we talk, think, and laugh about race: In Living Color."--Publisher's description.
"If you ain't helping your brother, then I'm beating your ass" -- "Keenen was always the pioneer" -- "This is the place" -- "Richard was a god, so we were just lucky to be in his orbit" -- "There's a new sheriff in town" -- "This is what they think of us" -- "I was young, black, and angry" -- "Anybody who was anybody went there" -- "We're the Black Pack, homey" -- "You can't kill this movie" -- "The bad boys of television" -- "The running joke was if your last name's not Wayans, you didn't have a shot" -- Is this okay to say?" -- "If he ain't got no jokes, I don't need him" -- "It was just this overnight sensation" -- "Until it's funny, I can't care" -- "What they thought was hip-hop, wasn't hip-hop" -- "That's the beauty of it: it's dangerous and we shouldn't be doing it" -- "We got a problem. I want the other girl" -- "Some white kid from Harvard joking about Malcolm X-Lax-- I don't think that shit is funny" -- "If you don't bring your A game, other people are happy to do it" -- "All I remember is the layer of desperation that hung in the air" -- "Jamie fucking scared me" -- "I'm better that any of these girls and you know it!" -- "We were horrible to the censors" -- "I started laughing so hard that I forgot to do my job" -- "This show isn't just a money spigot" -- "It just seemed like nothing was ever going to be funny again" -- "It was a really cold, destructive place to work" -- "They were trying to commandeer the show" -- "It was a bunch of scared people left trying to save a sinking ship" -- "We didn't land on Chris Rock. Chris Rock landed on us" -- "We were getting a sense it just wasn't working" -- "It was time to fold up the tent" -- "Does anybody say NBC has all this white programming?" -- "No matter how funny a black comic is, it doesn't mean shit unless he makes the right white man laugh" -- "How does In Living Color fare in a world of Key and Peele?" -- "It's that moment when it all ignited."
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