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The promise
Simpson, Susan Lantz, author.
Publication Information:
New York : Zebra Books, [2018]

© 2018
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343 pages ; 18 cm.
Like most Amish young women, Phoebe Yoder has dreams - but not of a courtship, at least not yet. She dreams of caring for the tender-hearted alpacas at her Englischer neighbor's farm, and learning the business herself. But that longing falls away the moment her baby sister goes missing. In that horrifying instant, desperate for her sister's safe return, she whispers a promise to Gott: she will give up her dreams and marry Micah Graber, a man she doesn't love, but who is determined to make her his wife. Benjamin Miller hasn't been back in Southern Maryland for long before he meets Phoebe and begins to imagine what a fine life they could build together - beginning with an alpaca farm of their own. But he can see that Poebe's brash vow is all that she will consider, no matter what her heart wants. As Ben falls for her gentle manner and sweet, sad eyes, he comes to understand his daunting task: to convince Phoebe that together, they can make a new promise that will never be broken.
General Note:
Includes preview of Susan Lantz Simpson's next novel, The Mending (pages 325-343).
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