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Is the universe a hologram? : scientists answer the most provocative questions
Is the universe a hologram? : scientists answer the most provocative questions
Plasencia, Adolfo, editor.
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Cambridge, Massachusetts : The MIT Press, [2017]
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xxviii, 404 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Conversations with scientists, conducted by a veteran science writer, addressing such issues as intelligence, consciousness, global warming, energy, changing the past, and even the philosophical curveball, "Is the universe a hologram?"
Foreword / How this book came about -- Powerful ideas dealt with in the book -- The physical world. Quantum physics takes free will into account / Unifying particle physics with the cosmology of the primordial universe / For exoplanets, anything is possible / From Casimir forces to black-body radiation : quantum and thermal fluctuations / The challenge of climate change / Graphene and its "family" : the finest materials ever to exist / The laws of thermodynamics tell you what is and what is not possible / Wisdom hewn in ancient stones / Galileo programme : planning uncertainty and imagining the possible and the impossible / Looking forward in architecture by looking back / The seamless coupling of bits and atoms

Information. Convergence culture : where old and new media collide / The logic of physics versus the logic of computer science / The pillars of MIT : innovation, radical meritocracy, and open knowledge / We need algorithms that can make explicit what is implicit / The emergence of a nonbiological intelligence / Remembering our future : the frontier of search technologies / The challenge of the open dissemination of knowledge, distributed intelligence, and information technology / Technology is something to make the world a better place / Encryption as a human right / Order in cyberspace can only be maintained with a combination of ethics and technology / The free software paradigm and the hacker ethic

Intelligence. "Affective computing" is not an oxymoron / Mind, brain, and behavior / MIT collaborative innovation : it takes>2 to tango / Mind over matter : brain-machine interfaces / We want robots to see and understand the world / Between caves : from Plato to the brain through the Internet / There will be no end of work / A smart mob is not necessarily a wise mob / Measuring the intelligence of everything / Touching the soul of Michelangelo / Epilogue. Geometry of a multidimensional universe : weightless art and the painting of the void
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