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Memories of Mark Twain and Steve Gillis
Memories of Mark Twain and Steve Gillis
Gillis, William R. (William Robert), 1840-1929.
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96 pages : illustrations, portraits ; 24 cm
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"Copyright applied for, March 1924."
Pt.1 Steve Gillis, printer -- San Francisco in the 50's -- Vigilantes organized -- Steve goes to Oregon -- When chief meets chief -- Enter Sanuel Clemens -- The fight that made Mark Twain famous -- Mark goes to Jackass Hill -- Clemens' one mining venture -- Fun on the hill

Conditions along the Comstock -- Lee invites his old schoolmate to visit him at Virginia City -- Rivalry between express companies -- Mark Twain's boxing bout -- Dan De Quille follows Mark's nose -- Mark throws up his hands -- I go into a funk -- Mark lectures on the Holy Land -- Spiritualistic manifestations -- Mark Twain's fake duel with Sam Leonard -- I put a hot pitch plaster on doctor's back -- Mark Twain become private secretary to Senator Stewart -- Dan and I witness the Piute card game -- "Uncle" Jimmy Fair's peculiarities.
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