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My mother's son : a novel
Hirshberg, David, author.
Personal Author:
First edition.
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Bedford, New York : Fig Tree Books, [2017]

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ix, 357 pages ; 24 cm
My Mother's Son is a story told by a radio raconteur revisiting his past in post-World War II Boston, the playground and battleground for two brothers whose lives are transformed by discoveries they never could have imagined. From the opening line of the book, "When you're a kid, they don't always tell you the truth," the stage is set for this coming-of-age story that plays out against the backdrop of the Korean War, the aftermath of the Holocaust, the polio epidemic, the relocation of a baseball team, and the shenanigans of politicians and businessmen.
General Note:
Includes glossary (351-354).
Prologue: the yin and yang of my life -- A couple of drunks clinging to each other for support -- And that's how I met Rose Mischal -- He was the first adult we didn't have to address as mister -- Mother and dad were not immune to hysteria -- That bat would've been involved in two deaths, ten years apart -- These were the things I knew, for sure, in Boston in 1952 -- What if Lot's wife hadn't turned around? -- Hey, gimme my cut, chief -- Serendipity is an instrument that we can never learn to play -- He looked like Moses did, that's all, so don't never cross him -- It came out the same way the guy on the radio would've said it -- The bird princess of Africa -- What do I tell you a thousand times? -- Did ya know, Solly, that they spend more on tea than a workin' man spends on rent? -- The kisses were more akin to a detonator rigged to my childhood -- Can we count on you fellars? -- Dad cooked the books for papa and his pals -- I sure could use some dental floss and some extra bullets -- I was feeling the same kind of oats that old Hooch must've felt -- He said it the exact same way that mother said "we'll see," which meant no -- Remember when papa said something about the Holy Grail? -- I wouldn't be the one to tell any of this to papa -- Kristallnacht, they said, they all knew about Kristallnacht -- Everyone was saying that the fix was in -- No one here's going to tell us, that's for sure -- Grown men danced together doing reels and jigs -- He was a hero, a real hero, and undoubtedly saved all of our lives -- Mother started referring to me as "young man" -- This was supposed to have been settled by the "war to end all wars" -- A foul ball on July fourth off of Frankie's bat -- The understanding that I could put things together on my own -- Uncle Jake had a premonition -- We were meant to focus on Kristallnacht, the Nuremberg Laws , and mischlinge -- You mean little Alfredo wasn't a hero? -- And that's how I met your grandmother -- No record of citizen Jacob Goldblum -- Everyone is going to want to know who's who -- You're gonig to tell Auntie Rose, aren't you? -- Timmy was a time, the way historians name epochs -- I miss you already and you'll always be my baby boy -- The man my grandchildren call old uncle M -- The prism that refracted our societal attitudes, values, and policies -- I'll ask him what he meant -- Glossary -- Acknowledgments -- About the author.
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