Cover image for Vegetables love flowers : companion planting for beauty and bounty
Vegetables love flowers : companion planting for beauty and bounty
Ziegler, Lisa Mason, author.
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Minneapolis, MN : Cool Springs Press, 2018.

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176 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
Centuries ago before chemical fertilizers and engineered inputs, the most productive vegetable gardens shared one common attribute: the vegetables were paired up. Not with other vegetables, but with beds of beautiful flowers. Even then, gardeners knew that vegetables love flowers. Or to be more precise, vegetables love pollinators, and pollinators love flowers. Drawn by colorful, fragrant blossoms, they visit in swarms, performing their good work. And the vegetables thrive. Companion planting with vegetables and flowers is not as simple as it sounds. But if you follow the timetables, tips, and planting schedules outlined in Vegetables Love Flowers, author Lisa Mason Ziegler will show you how to keep the flowers blooming and the pollinators buzzing. Your vegetables will produce more fruit than ever and, as an added bonus, you will enjoy lovely cut flowers all season long. Who doesn't love a happy ending?--COVER.
General Note:
Includes index.
Why do vegetables love flowers? -- How to interplant your vegetable patch -- The cutting garden -- Warm-season tender annuals -- Cool-season hardy annuals -- Pollinators -- Beneficial predators -- Tending the healthy garden -- The yard around the garden -- Appendix: Succession planting garden-bed examples.
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