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The zero waste solution : untrashing the planet one community at a time
The zero waste solution : untrashing the planet one community at a time
Connett, P. H. (Paul H.)
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xvi, 380 pages ; 23 cm
Shows activists, planners, and entrepreneurs how to reenvision a community's waste-handling process by consuming less, turning organic waste into compost, recycling, reusing, and demanding nonwasteful product design.

"Waste is something we make every day, but we rarely give it much thought. That is changing, though, as emerging programs around the globe show many ways in which a community can achieve zero-waste status. In The Zero Waste Solution, author and scientist-turned-activist Paul Connett profiles the most successful zero-waste initiatives around the world, showing activists, planners, and entrepreneurs how to re-envision their community's waste-handling process by doing the following: consuming less; turning organic waste into compost; recycling and reusing other waste; demanding nonwasteful product design; and, creating jobs and bringing community members together in the process. Connett is a leading international figure in the decades-long battles to fight pollution and has championed efforts to curtail overconsumption and keep industrial toxins out of our air, drinking water, and bodies. He's best known around the world for leading efforts to help communities sustainably eliminate and reuse waste rather than burn it or stow it away in landfills. In addition to showing how zero-waste status can be achieved, Connett exposes the greenwashing behind renewed efforts to promote waste incinerators as safe, nontoxic energy suppliers. The book offers detailed information on how communities can battle incinerators that emit dangerous particles into the atmosphere."--Publisher's description.
Zero waste philosophy, practicalities, obstacles, and history. The big picture -- Ten steps toward a zero waste community -- A brief history of the anti-incineration movement -- Incineration : the biggest obstacle to zero waste -- The early history of zero waste -- Zero waste initiatives around the world. The United States -- Italy -- Australia and New Zealand -- Canada -- Beyond Italy : other initiatives in Europe -- India, Japan, the Philippines, and Taiwan -- Bahrain, Egypt, and Lebanon -- South America -- Different perspectives on zero waste. Zero waste and the local economy / Waste isn't waste until it's wasted / Waste is a social issue first, a market issue second / Gibsons Resource Recovery Center : zero waste from the bottom up / Multimaterial curbside recycling and producer responsibility / Producer responsibility, the cornerstone of zero waste : trends in the United States / Together at last : extended producer responsibility and total recycling / The economics of zero waste / Businesses are leading the way to zero waste / The Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA) : a chronology / Response to the ten different views of zero waste -- Conclusion : the fightback for the future -- Sample questions for incinerator hearings -- A chronology of zero waste and related events.
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