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The best American science and nature writing 2017
Jahren, Hope editor.
Publication Information:
Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2017.

Physical Description:
xx, 324 pages ; 21 cm.
Presents a collection of nature and science essays published in American periodicals in the previous year, including works by such authors as Sarah Everts, Nathaniel Rich, and Kathryn Joyce.
General Note:
"A Mariner original."
The art of saving relics / Altered tastes / The secrets of the wave pilots / The billion-year wave / The case for leaving city rats alone / The battle for Virunga / The new harpoon / A song of ice / Something uneasy in the Los Angeles air / Dark science / The parks of tomorrow / How factory farms play chicken with antibiotics / The invisible catastrophe / The devil is in the details / The physics pioneer who walked away from it all / The DIY scientist, the Olympian, and the mutated gene / Inside the breakthrough starshot mission to Alpha Centauri / He fell in love with his good student-- Then fired her for it / The woman who might find us another Earth / Out here, no one can hear you scream / The amateur cloud society that (sort of) rattled the scientific community / The man who gave himself away / Unfriendly climate / It's time these ancient women scientists get their due
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