Cover image for Sweet as sin : the unwrapped story of how candy became America's favorite pleasure
Sweet as sin : the unwrapped story of how candy became America's favorite pleasure
Benjamin, Susan, 1957- author.
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Amherst, New York : Prometheus Books, 2016.
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320 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
"There's more to candy than its sugary taste. As this book shows, candy has a remarkable history, most of it sweet, some of it bitter. The author, a food historian and candy expert, tells the whole story - from the harvesting of the marshmallow plant in ancient Egypt to the mass-produced candy innovations of the twentieth century. Along the way, the reader is treated to an assortment of entertaining facts and colorful characters. These include a deposed Mexican president who ignited the modern chewing gum industry, the Native Americans who created pemmican, an important food, by mixing fruit with dried meat, and the little-known son of a slave woman who invented the sugar-processing machine still in use today. Susan Benjamin traces people's changing palate over the centuries as roots, barks, and even bugs were savored as treats. She surveys the many uses of chocolate from the cacao bean enjoyed by Olmec Indians to candy bars carried by GIs in World War II. She notes that many candies are associated with world's fairs and other major historical events."--Amazon website.
Lois and Howie, Dan and me -- Sweet at the start -- Sugar from fruit and fruit from fruit -- Roots, bark, and beans -- All the food in the world -- Then cometh the sugarcane -- A bad case of sugar blues -- An arsenal of sugar -- A gift from the gods -- Chocolate over water -- The mystery of the marvelous Wilbur Buds -- Candy bar blitz -- Candy for fun and flavor -- Just a spoonful of what? -- The great American candy store -- The penny candy explosion -- The history of an American-made passion -- Still wrapped in bag and basket -- Candy bowls and ice cream trucks.
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